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Our History

Chris Richeson, Chesapeake Bay Distillery’s owner and Master Distiller, has been producing craft spirits for over 17 years.

From 2005 to Now!

In addition to helping brands such as Dr. Stoner’s and Mutiny Vodka produce high-quality craft spirits, Chris’s own products have earned a higher average for double gold medals than any other distillery in Virginia.

As a former engineer as well as a gold-medal-winning distiller, Chris knows every aspect of the craft distillation process. He understands that true craft distilling in a marriage of art and science. 

You don't have to travel far to enjoy quality spirits

At a time when everyone in the industry seemed to be outsourcing to other countries, Chris resolved to make his products in Virginia for Virginians. Since then Chesapeake Bay distillery has gone from a weekend project to one of the largest producers of craft spirits in the state.

Everything at Chesapeake Bay Distillery is all about producing cleaner, purer spirits. Through our commitment to our craft, process, and the environment we have created a range of spirits that are smooth to the taste and you can feel good about enjoying.

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Delicious quality spirits that taste good without all the extra mixers! 

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